My life in words.

12th July 2010.

It’s raining today. For the first time in two weeks. Talk about finally! I’d nearly started melting, and I was not going to clean that up.

Last night I had a dream, scrap that, one of the best dreams. To cut it short Enrique Iglasias was in love with me. I won’t lie, I woke up feeling pretty disappointed with the reality that is my life. No sexy Spanish men waiting for me sadly. To add to that disappointment…the fact that prom is in a week and I have no dress yet is starting to stress me out. I thought once exams were over I was allowed to relax and enjoy myself. But it seems like the stresses just keep on coming.

If I don’t find a dress I’m not going to prom.

Hopefully, as Sky 1 have decided to film my prom and give makeovers to some people, and as my friends have nominated me (because of my lack of dress), I will get it. That way they can find my dress for me and I can relax. Fingers crossed eh?

My best friends gone to Africa for two weeks, I don’t honestly know what I’m going to do to keep myself busy all that time. I’m going to be so bored. Which unluckily means for you guys that I’ll be rambling on here a lot. J

Other then all that, life is pretty good. This summer is going to bring a fresh start. I’ve got rid of the people that were bringing me down, and got closer to the ones that make me happy. I’ve cleaned out my room, I’m painting it soon. I’ve finished my compulsory amount of education. It’s all about the future now. Making my own decisions and keeping my head held high. A fresh start, it’s just what I need.

“I am more then just an option”

The End

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