The Terrifying Life of Me

Thank you for venturing into the terrifying life of me. You might find this 'nutshell' a 'tough one to crack' if you'd like to use that expression. Or, if you get to actually know me, I'm pretty easy to read and predict.

If you were to crack my nutshell, you would probably look inside to find me reading a book. If this is not the case, look for a notebook, laptop, or iPod Touch. If I am not in the nut, this generally means that my sanity has temporarily vanished and I've gone to destroy someone/something. Or maybe I'm just with friends, because that usually has the same effect and ending.

The nutshell would probably be fairly simple, coated in some odd aqua-marine color with a few accessories lining the bottom. Ignore the classical music playing, unless you're into that stuff. Things of note would be my bookshelf and desk. Do not be alarmed by the layer of dust, please, it's just residue from my brain. (Actually, it's just plain old dust because 'Mercedes is lazy and hates cleaning her room!') 

You would find, somewhere among the cluttered objects, a medium-sized, inconspicuous blue notebook, bent and battered. Feel free to open it, traveler, as it contains pretty much the story of my life and an explanation of me.

I'd like to think I'm not a terribly depressing, morbid, pessimistic person, but many people I know would love to disagree. So I'm not exactly sure of how to describe my moods towards life. I wear a lot of black, but I'm not 'goth', 'emo', or in general depressed and angst-y. I don't believe in the wearing of makeup, and don't really care about what people think, so don't expect anyone stunningly beautiful. Whatever that means anyway. 

Oh, you want to know about my life? Well, you could have said so, curious one. I'm sorry if I'm rambling, feel free to inform me if I'm boring. 

It's hard to take an unbiased look at my life, but I would probably say that it's really good. Actually, it's positively wonderful. No, that's only a little bit of sarcasm. I've got a loving family, wonderful home, great friends, a decent education, and everything I want. So, I have no real complaints. After all, there are thousands of people less fortunate than me, so I'll be gladly grateful.

Something else, you say? How about random facts? Yes?

-I write. (No duh.)
-I don't believe in love, seeing as all 'love' has ever done to me is hurt me and people I know.
-I am of the opinion that many people I know are ignorant. (Not everyone)
-I love my music. Music is life.
-I read. I like to read.
-Many people think I am a nerd, or if not, just a (not-nice words)
-I accept this. My job is not to agree with you.
-I can keep secrets better than anyone else I know. I have many secrets myself.
-Despite that I'm a girl, I can outdo almost any guy I know in terms of bad jokes. (Forget you read that)
-Cities don't like me. Neither do electric fences. And utility knives. 
-I can't think of anything else to say about my life.

So, **drumroll** ..... the final fact!

-I should be studying for a final exam. 

Was that enough, traveler? Yes? 

This presentation was made possible by viewers like you. Thank you. 

The End

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