In my nutshell

If you were to find a nut with my name on it, what would you find in there? A modest living room with only a small television and a love seat? Or maybe a room with the latest everything- 3D television, loud speakers, maybe a disco ball to be showy? Would there be pink walls with pink furniture and pink lights? 

The simple answer to that is 'no'. My nutshell would contain a flat screen TV with a PlayStation 3 connected to it. The walls would be completely buried in posters of my favorite movies (The Dark Knight, The Godfathers Part I and II, Inception, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mean Girl, etc.), my favorite Bible passages, my favorite sports teams (Brewers, Phillies, Packers, Badgers.), and of course pictures of my family and friends. There would be futon in the center of the room in front of the TV with Batman sheets. And let's not forget a baby grand piano! I'd have a mini refrigerator in the corner  filled with Green Tea, milk, orange juice, apple juice, Sprite, water, fruits and veggies, yogurt (Who wouldn't have a fridge with out yogurt?!), and ice cream. 

Now, doesn't sound like the ideal nutshell to live in? 

The End

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