How'd My Life Get in a Nutshell

What's happening? I thought there was supposed to be peanuts in this nutshell, not my life. Now what am i going to have as a snack.

I mean who would want to eat something so utterly random as my life.

It's one of those lives that can throw quotes into conversations like there is no tomorrow. But, also happens to be substanially insane in the brain, but not in utter pain.

While it can write, it's still working on being better,(just like the other lives out there), but my life finds rhymes for the times quite sublime for a dime which is no crime.

With so much space in my life, it's surprising how it fits in a nutshell. Why is it in a nutshell in the first place i would rather have it helping me make characters from my expanses of whatever

I wonder how roomy is that nutshell, and what stories it could have told, it has held my life inside of it and now it makes my curiosity grow.

The whole expanses of the universe could hide inside that nutshell and wait a second. SSSSSQQQQQQUUUUUUIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!

Curse you, squirrel for stealing my nutshell, at least I have my li... Where is it? What?  Is it still in the nutshell? NNNNOOOOO. Oh wait, it's in my other pocket phew. I scared myself again. Thank goodness my life is not in a nut shell anymore

The End

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