My Life In A Nutshell

Because summing up your life is fun. Or depressing. Either way, it's a good way to get to know your fellow protagers!

  1. If you go to bed at night and dream of your characters then get up in the morning and write about them then you're awesome, just like me.

  2. If your friends know your stories just as well as you do, every action, every word, you know you have some good friends, just like me.

  3. If you sing and dance to every song you even vaguely like then, yes, you're just like me.

I'm a crazy fool who loves to be happy and free. I live in a dream of reality because the reality is in my dreams. I am happiest when I am with my friends, my characters right by my side. I have at least one inside joke with everyone I know, because I'm just awesome like that. I'm a accused of being violent and strange, people flinch away from me and know that I'll hit them if they ask for it but they still flock to me because I love my people, my friends.

That's me in a nutshell. Now what about my life?

  1. I leave work til the last minute because I'm lazy like that.

  2. I am obsessed with writing down quotes, I own about ten different quotebooks of my life. My friends love me for it.

  3. I get panic attacks when I'm chased. I should stop getting into my characters heads.

  4. I'm crazy and violent. See above.

I always end up with about ten essays to write at once, which is bad, but hey, that's me. My quotebooks fill my room, I should type them up but then they wouldn't be portable so much. My characters make my life hell.

That's my life. What about yours?

The End

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