My Last 25 Years

We were asked to write about what we have done with our lives since we graduated from high school 25 years ago.



Twenty five years?  You've got to be kidding!  That's impossible!  You must have me mixed up with someone else!  Maybe the Greenhouse Effect has caused the world to rotate faster causing shorter days and mini years.  Still, I can't believe it has been THAT MANY minis!

What have I done with my 25?  Good question!

 Slept 8 years.

 Moved 8 times. (Maybe I did it in my sleep)

 Raised 4 kids if I count my ex.  (Unfortunately, the latter never grew up - just moved away and turned gray.)  My youngest is 13, disguised as 17 for her benefit - not mine.  I still live at home with her.

 Had 13 horses, 22 dogs, 5 cats, 2 birds and one goat named Moonshine. (Or was that my ex?)

 Have done almost every craft imaginable, but prefer oil painting on canvas and latex on walls.

 Found out decorating is fun, but sewing is not.

 Gained 302 pounds and lost 297.

 Joined 21 exercising programs.

 Quit smoking 18 times.

 Almost learned how to play the keyboard and the guitar.

Almost went to Hawaii - twice!

 Discovered I would like to write a book on Improving Communications - Before, During and After Marriage.  (Then again, non-fiction may be more interesting.)

 Have looked into 45,652 mouths and cleaned 1,095,643 teeth.  My numbers may compete with McDonald's before I'll be able to retire.  (I am a Dental Hygienist - NOT the tooth fairy!)

 Developed a bad back due to one of the hazards of my occupation, but I still have all my fingers!

Found out my mood swings with the weather.  Right now, it is warm with chance of rain.

 25 YEARS!  You've got to be kidding!

The End

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