My Lady

I was watching the Lord of the Rings "The Two Towers," and a scene from there has inspired me to write this short story.

The warm wind blew her long, dark, wispy hair, and her long flowing black dress swirled about her.  It was mid-summer and the air was hot and wet, yet it chilled her to the bone.  She closed her eyes and tried to feel the warm sun that was shining so freely about her.  She longed to feel warm again, yearned to feel alive.  But she only felt death; it crippled everything inside her, crushing her spirit, heart, mind, and her strength.  She had no want, no will to live...

She wanted to be with him.

The world, only a fortnight ago, had been joyous for her.  Life had been it was a nightmarish reality.

Her lovely life was now only a distant memory, a fleeting dream, a beautiful, beautiful dream...

Her heart felt empty, hard...stones were crushing it, grinding it to pieces, stabbing every good and happy memory and burning it in her own misery.

I was wrong to think that this only happens to mortal lovers, she thought.  Immortals experience death, too, yet it is not their own!  I feel the same pain as Men do... The same crushing, agonizing, horrible pain!

Her beauty was magnificent, but her sorrow covered every inch of her tall and slim elvish body...

A single tear fell from her brilliant blue eye, and fell towards the ancient stone beneath her, splattering.

I cannot live without him for eternity, for if I do, I will be in darkness and will know nothing but pain...I will have to face the ages alone...there is no other solution but death.  Death is the door away from this agony, this torment, this...this....

The she-elf collapsed onto the ground, weeping.  She felt weak, exhausted...

Amidst her suffering she felt a new thought arise.

She looked over, and saw a dagger, shining, silver, sharp, in the sunlight.

The only solution to pain is death.

Slowly, she grabbed the dagger, and examined its splendor in the dying sun.

I will not live to see another dying sun, for I will die with it.

She held the dagger up to her chest, positioning it over her heart.

Yes, yes, death is the only solution...


The End

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