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When I read the book life as we knew it  I feel like when Miranda was not admitting that she had nothing to do for the day that really was how I would react. I think Matt Miranda and their family have really took the disaster very well so far that has a hope I think if he didn't he wouldn't be chopping down the tree that he was in that chapter. The way Miranda and her family are viewing the world now  is starting to really result to how I view the world. I think the way Miranda and her family are taking the disaster is really help our community and our family would take it we would probably be doing things to help around the house  my brothers and I. I think it really addresses how I care about helping out my family around the house the trying to make happiness in my house. I really enjoyed these chapters mostly because see what she and her brother were both Working on building the house. Mori Lee overall reaction to this these holes chapters is It really touches my heart on how Miranda this change in end up being so selfish anymore and trying to help our family out. if I was in this situation I would probably do the same thing as Miranda and try to help out in make up my mistakes.I would probably not be so selfish like a and now anymore.


The End

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