My Dreams

When I am befallen by the weariness of the day's regular stresses, I see a world that is greater than that we see around us. I see a world were men replace their hate with love, were men do not quarrel but hear the music that their heart produces. The music that almost seems unheard by the common man in this world. I see a world were friends are friends. They do not stab each other in the back when a better offer approaches them because they realize that what they have is greater than any materials value. I see a world were a man can be enveloped with peace with no fear of loss or betrayal. A world were death is not mourned but celebrated because we come to realize all the accomplishments that one is capable of in this lifetime. 

In my dreams, I see a world that cannot truly be described in words. All I hope is that one day, each man finds this world in one way or another.

The End

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