My Creed - My Belief

I believe in one almighty God. I belive.

I believe in the Trinity. The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I believe in life, and that there is a purpose for living.

I believe in Forgiveness, there is always good even if there is evil.

I believe in justice, what is wrong is wrong, but I believe in Mercy, when there is something else there need to say.

I believe in allowing, letting. Everyone needs some space and time.

I believe in heaven, there will alwasy be a place I can call home, when I have to earthly home. I believe in safety, when I can't find my home, I will be at home in God's arms.

I believe in Love. I believe that God loves me, and always will. I believe that I have a friend, I will always have a friend on earth to help me believe when I can't. I will always have someone to pray for me. And I will always have a friend in heaven to recieve my prayers, and others'.

I believe.

The End

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