My Creed

This is my version of the Creed. I believe that too, but this is MINE. You can add your own if you feel like it.

I believe in God, Creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, only Son of God.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the forgiveness of sins and the life everlasting.

I believe in human rights and equality, the right to necessities and an inner peace that excludes any form of fear or threat.

I believe in laughter and joy, loyalty and achievement and the abolition of any form of physical, mental or spiritual abuse.

I believe in friendship, the type that is treated as a member of the family community; and I believe in family bonds, the type that are linked to you as close friendship.

I believe in deep contemplation on matters that concern you and don’t concern you, awareness of the problems and issues, past, present and future, in this world.

I believe in trusting others’ confidences as you guard your own life; it is not your knowledge to exploit or twist, you must listen, unbiased, and maybe gain in wisdom.

I believe in quiet solitary silences in a special place, alone and uninterrupted; just being.

I believe in holding fast to everything you believe in; all the while you question your beliefs and others’ to deepen, understand and correct them.

I believe in constantly defining and re-defining your creed and beliefs, as you share in knowledge and experience and gain in wisdom.

I believe in my creed.

The End

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