Pree and Shadow/Demetri (2)

The young shadow felt Pree drop into his arms as she faint. The vow was strong and his young girl couldn't see how he travelled to and forth from his world. Lifting her up in his arms he began to recite the words he knew all to well. The words he spoke to come to Pree then leave again.

He looked down at her soft face as the floor before him vanished to be replaced with a descending staircase. "Oh, Pree" he mutter hesitating. He didn't want to take her away from the light. He didn't want to lock away but all these feeling just proved he'd broken the one rule of a Shadow. Don't fall in love with the pets.

Sighing he began descending the staircase which closed the floor behind him once they had made it down a few step. Each step brought Pree closer and closer to a world of darkness. He didn't know if he could sentence her to that. He had to though because she'd taken the vow. She had submitting to his shadow so that she could see his face and hear his name. That made him swallow nervously. He reached the bottom of the steps which came out into the labyrinth. 

It was the room where Shadows came and go to get to many worlds not just human ones. Across the hall he could see another shadow returning with a Laduna. A humanoid lizard creature that had the most beautiful honey coloured eyes. 

"Why hello, Demetri" the man called across.

The young shadow hated his name but nodded back to the other shadow in reply before leaving the labyrinth. Only Shadows could leave the labyrinth without getting lost. Demetri tightened his hold on Pree as he entered into the streets. Shadows lurked in all corners. Some lurked with their pets while others looked hungry for Pree.

Pree was his though and Demetri hissed towards any Shadow that made a step towards him to take her. He held her body tight against his and quickened his steps. She began to stir but Demetri knew she couldn't wake yet. She couldn't. So he tugged a package from his back pocket and dropped a small bit of liquid into her mouth. Pree swallowed and instantly went back to sleep.

His house was far away and the young shadow worried about what he was going to do when he got home. His father would want to know what he planned to do with the girl but Demetri had put off bringing her home for so long cause he couldn't treat her like the animal he was meant to as a Shadow.

Shadows swayed ladies with whispers and kisses all to lead them home to feed of their emotions. Demetri felt the emotions that he already got from Pree was enough. He didn't need her fear or pain. He didn't need to suck her so dry of her emotions that she had no soul and would become... disposable. He reached the steps up to his house a swallowed the lump in his throat. The only thing Shadows had to be scared of was their elders and if you were the elder then you had nothing to fear.

"I've just brought my first girl home he won't bother me about it" Demetri whispered before he headed up the steps and walked in. 

He was moving towards the stairs when I hand fell onto his shoulder. "Who do you have there, son?" asked the slow low voice of his father. "Is that the young girl you've been chasing"

"Yes, father" Demetri said turning to face him and offering a bow. "She is still asleep but wont be much longer may I take her upstairs?"

His father smiled and a proud look came over his face. Demetri knew it was cause his father had been waiting for this moment. The moment his son brought home his first feed. "You may but just remember to come down after. We will discuss this at dinner"

Demetri nodded then turned to quickly head up the stairs. He moved to his room which was filled with black ebony covers on his bed and beautiful black curtains. While all the wooden objects in his room were the darkest red wood possible to find.  Laying Pree down on his bed he couldn't help but pass a hand up along his curves and give a soft smile. She was his. His forever if he could keep her alive.

He kissed her forehead before going to his wardrobe to change his shirt. Once he had he left the room and made sure to click the door shut behind him before turning the key to lock it.

The End

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