Romeo and Jane (2)

It had snowed during the night and Jane stared out the window in dismay. Her school was still open and her mother had already made it clear that she was walking. Sighing she turned and headed over to her dressing table where she sat down to brush through her hair. 

Then she grabbed her bag before heading downstairs. She ended up leaving her bag again by the door having to search for her boots. "Mother" she whispered popping her head into the study where the lady of the house sat at her keyboard. As her daughter spoke to her she let out a heavy sigh. It was filled with irritation and made the ebony haired girl sink back so she was only peeking round the doorway.

"What is it now, Jane?" the woman spoke turning round so her piercing eyes feel on her daughter. They were a emerald green and matched the shirt she was wearing.

"Do you know where my boots are?" Jane asked looking down at the floor to avoid the dagger that flew from the emerald eyes.

"Under the stairs" her mother said curtly turning round. That was when her phone rang so Jane inched away just as her mother answered, "Lowy Owen, how may I help you?"

The ebony girl sighed and went to fetch her shoes before going to sit on the bottom step to pull them on. Then tugging on her coat she grabbed her bag and finally left the house. The snow went up to the girls ankles so as she walked Jane kicked the snow out of her way leaving a path in her wake. The sun wasn't shining and the wind was blowing making it all that much colder. 

"Stupid snow" Jane grunted and checked her watch. If she missed the bus in 2o minutes she'd have to walk all the way school and would be late by at least 30 minutes. Puffing out a heavy breath she watched the cloud rise not noticing the car that pulled up next to her.

It was the screeching halt of the tyres that made her look up just as the window rolled down. "Hey" it was the boy from the bus station and he was watching her again with that cheeky grin. One of his hand laid lazily on the wheel and he nodded at the seat next to him. "Need a ride?"

The ebony girl clenched her fists. She didn't really want to get a ride from a weirdo but there was no way the clothing she was wearing would get her to school at all warm. "I don't know you though"

The boy chuckled and shrugged. "I told you my name and I do go to your school"

"No, you told me the name of a guy from the book I was reading" Jane huffed tugging on her bag strap which was weighing down on her shoulder. The boy suddenly got out and grabbed her bag.

"Come on, its only a lift" he grinned and jumped back in the car with her bag. The ebony girl groaned and moved round the car before getting in.

"So I'm suppose to call you Romeo?" Jane said raising an eyebrow at the boy as she fastened her belt. The boy smiled at her but this time it was a slow grin. One that was filled with a seductive energy that made the girl feel faint so quickly she looked away. 

As the car roll on he let out a laugh. "If you have a problem with calling me by name..."

"I have no problem with it" Jane jumped in and delved in to her bag like she was busy. She just noticed the boy reaching out to turn on the radio. Music flowed out and Jane tilted her head at Romeo. "Coldplay?"

He looked over at her. "Problem with it?"

Jane shook her head then looked forward. "No problem at all"

The End

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