Pree and Shadow

The searing heat traveled up along her neck as his lips drew a pattern. Her eyes found it hard to stay open and all she could feel was the weight of his arms wrapped tightly round her.

He stood behind her so every kiss that touched her shoulder or her neck was awkward. Yet every kiss made it harder and harder for her to stand. Her legs were beginning to buckle under her weight even though she barely weighed a thing. "I shouldn't be here" she choked trying to pull away. 

"Don't move" he said tightening his arms round her. 

"Please let me see your face if you at least insist my company" she had meant to say it calmly and with a bit of a toughness but the words fell from her lips like she was begging. Maybe she was cause the turning ache forming within her from not being able to see him. Not being able to see him finally was hurting her. "Shadow, please"

The last words were a beg and she felt him smile as he kissed her shoulder. "I've told you, Pree" he breathed so the searing heat scorched her shoulder. "You can not see me... ever"

Angrily Pree shoved herself forwards out of his embrace. As she stood away from him her body swayed to move back but she did not dare. She wasn't just going to be another one of those girls she'd heard about falling for a shadow. That's what he was... "You won't even tell me your name"

His finger touched hesitantly again on her hips and she felt suddenly faint. This caused her to stumbled back. To go back to him. Back into his arms. "Pree, I have told you. It is not important"

"It is to me if you are going to come wandering in here every evening" she snapped trying to turn but she felt so faint now the movement was too much. "To come and meet a shadow.... everyone wants it but it is more important to me to know your name... to see your face"

His fingers left her waist and it was so silent she could hear his hands clenching tightly. "Why does it mean so much?" he said in a low voice.

"Because it does" she said beginning to turn.

"Don't, Pree" he snapped and she stopped. He had never snapped at her. Never. The action made her heart pick up a beat. It was almost a rule that you never made a shadow angry. Not if you wanted to live anyway. 

"Hasn't... Hasn't this been going on long enough" she whispered hugging her stomach.

He took a sharp breath. She knew what she was touching on and it was obvious he understood as well. "You don't know what you're asking, Pree" 

"I-I think I do" she said softly. "A young women down the road went missing last week. They say she had gone off with a shadow... she had been set to be married"

His fingers touched her shoulder then ran down her arm before his hand grasp hers. She closed her eyes finally then enjoying the innocent touch that had never been given before. "You really don't know what you're asking, Pree. What were happen to you if you were to come with me"

She gripped tightly back on his hand. "Ask me the question" she begged. "Please. If it means I could know your name and see your face. I'd do anything for it"

He cursed and stepped up so his body pressed up against her back as he grasped her other hand. "Pree" he whispered leaning down to kiss her shoulder. "Will you submit to my shadow?"


The End

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