Lily, William and Kate

"Will-eee-am" Katie sung skipping into my room and swinging her arm that flung the doll she was clutching by the arm to fly back at forth with violent jerks. The way she barely thought about the way she handled her doll made it no wonder why she burst out in tears of confusion when the arms tore off.

The stitching that kept the arm, the one Katie was clutching, attached at the moment was her forth set. It had gotten to a point where when a leg or an arm came off Katie would raced straight downstairs to mum. "Mummy, Lily needs to go to the dolly hospital" she would cry.

To which my mother would reply calmly, "Lets see what mummy can do first"

She was a great mum. No, she is. She is a great mum. I had to remain positive for Katie... and for myself. I had to remain positive to keep the tears away.

"William" Katie said stomping her foot bringing me out of thought. She shot me this look as she folded her arms. "I was talking to you"

I smiled softly and got up off my bed, where I had been doing my homework, then went over to kneel in front of her. "What's wrong, Kates?" I asked gently. She squeezed Lily tight to her chest and looked at the floor as she kneed her toe of her shoe into the carpet.

"I can't find, mummy" she whispered. "I thought she was coming home"

She looked up to me with tear filled eyes which she angrily wiped away with the back of her hand. "She's at the doctor's, Kates. Mum had... she had a bit of an incident-but don't worry she's okay. We just have to trust the doctors to get her home as quick as possible"

Katie stomped her foot again. "But you and daddy promised. You said mummy would be home for my birthday"


"No" she yelled at me then raced out of the room. I would have followed but Katie's upset had hit me. I stumbled back to my bed where I perched on the edge and shoved my fingers back through my hair. 

Katie was right. We had promised but there was nothing we could do. There was nothing we could do!

The tears began to fall and they didn't stop for a long while. Why would they stop? My mum was ill and honestly I didn't know if she was ever coming home.

The End

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