Romeo and Jane

Her feet pounded on the ground as she ran her ebony hair flying around her as violent as the wind that rattled the trees and howled at her angrily. "Wait!" she yelled as she saw her bus pull up at the stop ahead to allow people off. 

"Wait!" her voice yelled again when she caught a glimpse of the doors closing. She tried to ran faster but her lung were already hurting. She wasn't a runner. She barely ran a mile during her whole life yet here she was now trying to reach the bus stop as the last bus to south side of town pulled of. "No!"

The sounds of the bus faded away just as the ebony haired girl reached the bus stop. Slumping onto the plastic bus seats she let her face fall into her hands. Raindrops fell down over her face like tears and eventually she sat up. "What am I going to do now?" she muttered trying to twist the water out of her hair. She leant back against the glass of the bus shelter behind her and tugged out her phone tapping a text to her mother.

She knew that the women wasn't going to be happy but it wasn't necessarily her fault that she'd miss the bus. She kicked at the loose paving and glared hard down the road at her school. If her stupid R.E teacher hadn't kept her behind she wouldn't have missed the last bus. 

A text buzzed back through on her phone and she winced at the annoyance that seeped from what should be emotionless words before she shoved it to hide in her pocket. 

It would be hours till her mother showed up so the ebony haired girl tugged the text she always carried out of her bag. 'Romeo and Juliet' was the book and the girl never put it down not even when she was reading another. She always had the book on her. She loved the heart breaking tale despite the Elizabethan English that still confused her even after the many times she had read it. 

Opening the book to the first time Romeo met Juliet she found herself falling into the tale. She found herself becoming apart of the play and playing the fair role of Juliet but when Romeo spoke he called her by her name as if he knew her instinctively.

"Jane" he spoke the two syllables perfectly with such a softness that made her dizzy within her daydream.

"Excuse me" she was confused because Romeo wasn't saying those words. Quickly the ebony haired girl, Jane, looked up. A cheeky smile was on his lips and it caused Jane to blush instantly. It was obviously he'd been there a few moments because he had sat down and had a rucksack dumped neatly, if that were possible, between his legs. "You dropped this" the boy continued holding out her book note.

Jane flushed and snatching quickly slipping it into place. "Thank you" she said turning away to look up and down the road. Anywhere but at the lad next to her. She couldn't after that embarassment of being caught so deep within a day dream.

"What's your name?"

"Huh?" Jane said having missed the words.

The boy smiled again. It was lopsided and again cheeky with tons of hidden meaning. "I asked your name"

"Jane and yours?"

He leant back seeming to ponder the question before his eyes rested on the book in the ebony haired girls hands. "Lets just say I'm Romeo"

Jane spluttered at stared at the boy shocked. She quickly shook her head and turned away. "I don't know you but I don't like having the mick being taken out of me"

"Oh I wasn't trying to" he said leaning forward on his knees and watching her with a very intense gaze. "I was being truthfully honest. My name as far as your concerned is Romeo"

Quite annoyed now Jane turned to the boy about to say something mildly harsh which was when the sound of a car horn sounded. Jane looked onto the road seeing her mothers car. Quickly the girl gathered her stuff and moved to leave.

"See you at school tomorrow, Jane" the boy called just as she was about to get in the car. Jane blinked and shook her head angrily before quickly getting in the car. Her mother looked at her daughters state in distaste as the water seep off her onto the seat.

"Who was that?" her mother asked turning to drive.

The ebony haired girl looked down at her book and bit her lip before shaking her head. "No one. Just no one" 

The End

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