My best friends...

Heya guys! After struggling with a couple of overly deep ideas for stories I was inspired by a tiny event with my companions to write this little passage, and I thought it would be pretty ace if some other people did something similar! Anyway here I go...

As I sat in front of my make-up smeered mirror, reapplying my face I listened to the sound of laughter drifting up from my lounge...

"Hey, I wonder where Izzy keeps the food?"

"I dunno, lets try the fridge!"

We didn't have anything in the fridge, but they would find something. Like Piranas can scrape the last bit of meat from a corpse my friends knew how to find the last morsles in my house, even the prawn cocktail crisps.

As I listened to the two of them waiting for me, and speculating as to the odds of me having fallen into the toilet and being in need of their rescue, I smiled from my heart right up to my eyes. You may find it stupid, that I am so moved by a simple common occurence, but as I blinked my mascara on and listened to their non-sensical banter, I realised that never before had I had real friends. Not like this.

I mean obviously I'd had companions before now, in my old schools, but they had been quick to change their minds, choose others over me and criticise my messy home and levels of flab. I had always accepted that as what friends do though, I figured that it must mean I was accepted by them, surely the fact they were so quick to criticise meant that they were comfortable around me? Wow, I sound stupid now.

So as I listened to my real friends, the ones that never once criticised my home, or my weight, or even my 'posh' way of speaking I couldn't help but feel a surge of happiness run through me. Never before had anyone walked me home from school, or come over unannounced or asked me into their homes. Well, I say that like it's recent, I've been best friends with my saviours downstairs for over 5 years now, I guess I just never really thought about it.

But these two (in fact more like 7, I'm very lucky, however in this situation only two were present) had shown me that a best friend loves you for your faults as well as your strengths. They have shown me that it is ok to be late sometimes, it's ok to cause a mess, and that getting things wrong doesn't make you an idiot. And never before has walking home in the freezing cold sharing a packet of Frazzels been that much fun. And I kow, that no matter what, I can trust my friends just as much as they can me. You need me at four in the morning? I'm there. I need to stay at yours this weekend? I know you're on it. You need a pair of my shoes? Go for it! (Accept the new boots, they'd look hideous on you.)

Suddenly I heard a crash come from downstairs, it sounded remarkably like the breaking of a new and expensive vase. I sighed a sigh of contentment and mirth as I called down to the objects of my boundless affection...

"What now you dickheads?!"

The End

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