I hate how glasses are portrayed in the Media. Like how only nerds have glasses. Like you can't be cool and you have to be smart to have glasses.

How many popstars do you know with glasses? I plan to be one of the only popstars to wear glasses constantly. I hate how people see them as a barrier, how you can't be close to someone unless you have perfect vision. I respect J. K Rowling because she gave Harry Potter glasses, because she wanted a hero with glasses. Alvin and the Chipmunks is one of my favourite films, but I dont like how Simon is the smart one' and has glasses. It's way too predictable, stereo-typical and stupid. I don't kow it came to be that people with glasses were nerds. Maybe it was the trivial reason that people with glasses were 'different' and people automaticaly shied away from them and marked them as bad.

The End

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