Musings about Life, the Universe and Everything

Hey! This is just a little collection of thoughts, hopefully they are interesting. This is a collaborative work, just about thoughts and general museings. It's just basically saying what you think about what's going on in the world, universe or your own head.

The rules are:

-It can be about small things, big things, or anything you fancy.

-You can repeat a topic that's already been said, if you feel you have something to add to it.

-If you do repeat a subject, please write <<the topic>> 2, or 3, or 4 etc etc

I'm going to start of a couple, because I know My explanation wasn't that good. Dont worry about how I wanted this work to turn out, I enjoy seeing what people make of my instruction and seeing how a collaborative work works out, a bit like chinese whispers, you end up with something not at all what you `had in mind, but at the end you get something interesting.(I was once playing chinese whispers with my friends- It started with I love my cat and ended with Dementure)

The End

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