It is foolish, one might say, to lean so fully on another. I would agree. It is illogical, irrational, utterly naive to place your whole heart into the hands of some other being. But, in its bittersweet nature, love is everything but rational. Love makes no logical sense. That is why we feel it in our hearts, not our heads. Our minds lie, they play tricks. But a heart? A heart cannot be anything but truthful. And this, my darling, is why I am able to love you fully, as completely and wholly as one has ever loved. I love every part of you with every part of me. I'm caught up in you, in your crooked smile. In the dimples that press into your cheeks. In the taste of your voice. In the comfort of your hands. In the all-consuming fire that burns in your eyes and ignites the flame in mine. You are the light that fills me, the breath that sustains me. You are the sheets on my bed, the flowers in my hair. And if I am a piano, you are my lovely keys;

I make no music without you.

The End

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