Get your gun - it could be nothing, but then again...

You grab your gun from in the draw next to your bed. You're lying on your front and you clutch the gun in your hand.

Listening carefully, you strain, trying to hear another noise.

You hear another muffled creaking. This time it's moved closer. Rolling off the bed, you silently click the gun's safety catch off and put your back against the wall.

Although it's hard, you manage to control your breathing and you now lie in wait to shoot at the person breaking into your house and coming closer to you. You stop the slight tremble in your hands and hear another creak - this one right outside your door.

Holding up the gun, you get ready to fire.

A man comes in through the door with a weapon. It's so quick that you don't see whether it's a knife or a gun. Neither do you know the man's intentions exactly.

What do you do?

The End

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