Ignore it again - it's still your day off!

You drag yourself out of bed and over to the phone. You wrench the battery out and silence fills the space.

You're too tired to place the phone and battery down, so you drop them. They clatter noisily against the wooden surface of the dresser. Shuffling across the room and back into bed, you attempt to get back to sleep.

You get bored and can't get back to sleep. You start to play a word association game with yourself.

"Phone - talk - noise - loud - painful - blood - shot - gun - bullet..." You stop there. A noise in another part of your flat disturbs you. It was a creaking sound - like the floorboards being trodden on.

Your thoughts rush to the gun on your bedside table. Being a cop can have its perks.

You're suspicious of the noises.

What will you do?

The End

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