Ignore it - it's your day off!

Slamming the pager back down, you're seething!

How dare they ask you to work on your day off! You think. I do enough for the stupid world anyway! I've stopped countless murderers, serial killers and other loonies that shouldn't have been allowed to be born! Ugh.

You crawl back to bed, hoping for some sleep. Your eyes close and sleep.

* * * * *

When you wake, there is an irritating ringing noise. It takes you a while to realize what it is, but soon you recall that it's your mobile phone ringing.

Grumpily, you drag yourself out of bed. You grab the phone and look at the caller ID. It's your boss at work. What does he want? You huff like a teenager about to have a tantrum. You flip open the phone and put it to your ear.

"Where are you?" Is shouted down the phone at you. "We need you on this case! We've been trying to contact you for four and a half hours!"

Glancing at the clock, you notice they're right - 10:13 am.

"Well?" Ugh. I just woke up. Shut up. "You need to be at Sycamore House - the Dixie residence - in 20 minutes." You hear the unforgettable noise of the beep after your boss hangs up on you.

What do you do?

The End

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