Murder Mystery

You are a detective. This follows a murder case from beginning to end. Will you find the killer and defeat them? Will you fail and suffer? Lets see...

The morning sun proudly beams through the curtains. They rest on your eyes and dance across your face as you sleep in bed. Groaning, you sit up and rub your eyes. Glancing at the clock, you take note of the time - 5:34 am.

Dragging yourself out of bed to find some breakfast, the silence of the house seems too loud. Slipping your feet into your furry slippers, as you walk they slide along the varnished, wooden floor.

Half heartedly searching the cupboards in the kitchen you find some cereal, a bowl and a spoon. After tipping a measly portion into the bowl, you head to the fridge for some milk.

Emptying the last carton into your bowl, you pick up your spoon and start to dig in. You begin to realise how hungry you are after a few spoonfuls, and begin to dig in. A buzzing sound makes you stop mid shovel in a fast attempt to reach your mouth.

It's just your pager in your bedroom. Laughing at how silly you were to be scared, you finish your cereal, dump your bowl in the sink and head for the bedroom.

It's on the dresser, still vibrating rapidly. Picking it up, you read the message.

There's been a murder and you're wanted to lead the team on the case.

What do you do?

The End

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