Archie: Whiplash

Evie was looking at me, tears streaming down her face.

"Please just let me explain." I muttered weakly. She backed away, looking into my eyes.

"Not now." Maddison declared. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on; the penny took a few seconds longer to drop than it should have done and so when the glass in the window shattered in on us, I was much more surprised than I should have been.

"Too long talking." Otis hissed as we fled the room, finding the others dashing from the entrance.

"They're in." Katy screamed.

"Up." Natalie ordered, pushing me towards the stairs. I did as I was told, looking back to check on Evie - she still seemed upset but she was safe enough. Otis and Maddison were bringing up the rear of the group, holding them off.

"Now where?" I called. "We're sitting ducks up here!"

"Trapped." Katy spat. She looked around, like we all did, but didn't find anything.

I looked down - they were getting closer with every passing second. "Roof?" I suggested. We looked up but we could hear the ceiling creak - was there someone up there already? Or something?

We backed into one of the rooms and began to barricade the door shut. "Great." Otis muttered to himself, keeping Evie under his wing.

"There's got to be a way out." I said, shutting the noise out for just a moment so I could concentrate.

"Get a grip Archie." Evie growled at me. "We're stuck here and there's no way out."

"Shush." I turned on the spot, thinking.

"Archie?" Natalie whispered in my ear. I nodded. "Can you fight?"

My eyes widened at her. I nodded again before returning to my thoughts. I had to prove myself and I knew this was the moment to do it.

"Anything?" Katy asked, holding her weapon close to her chest.

"Yes." I said, a smile flooding my face. I forced all of my energy into my arms and legs and did what I had to do before stepping back and surveying my plan. It wasn't brilliant but it would do.

I looked at Natalie briefly before smiling at Evie. "Trust." I whispered before running. I extended my arms and jumped, crashing through the window and falling, falling so far.

I landed, alive and kicking. I rubbed my neck and upper back as I tried to get up.

I wasn't the only thing there. I held my weapon in front of me and grimaced - if I was going to go out here then I would go out in a blaze of glory and take as many of them with me as I could.

It wasn't long before I realised that my small chance of survival had gone. But then someone landed beside me, much more gracefully than I had done.

She smiled and winked at me. Maybe we could get through this.

The End

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