Evie: Accusations

How could he do this? I thought I was a good judge of character... Boy was I wrong. How could Archie be so heartless like that? Maybe he didn't murder Valerie, but how was he going to explain his way out of this one?

Otis looked at Natalie as though he was about to murder her. If I'm honest, I don't think anyone would miss her. She's destined to be nothing but trouble, but I don't think Archie sees that. Otis looked at me and then at Natalie. "Why did you do it?" he shouted.

"Oh please, that can wait. I'd like to see what Evie has to ask Archie." Natalie slurred.

I swallowed my tears and hung my head, my hair hiding most of my face. "So maybe you didn't murder Valerie, but you knew my little brother."

"Who was your brother?" his voice seemed to be lost, searching for something real to hold onto. It was a shame I was fresh out of any feelings other than anger towards him right now. "I didn't even know you had a brother. How was I to know? I didn't know you before this and you portrayed yourself as an lone wolf." he was pleading, both with his voice and his eyes - his eyes that never left me.

"Peter." I whispered. I raised my head to look at him through the hair that had fallen in front of my face and the whispers turned into hisses. "How could you forget? Oh, I forgot, you wouldn't know him as Peter, sweet, innocent little Peter. You'd know him as Little Petey."

"Little Petey?" he spoke softly.

"Oh, you remember now?" he nodded slowly, as though in a trance of some form. "The little boy you had to look after for a week. One week. I had to look after him all my life. Nobody ever helped me. Not that you'd care much. I guess it wouldn't matter to you how our mother died in childbirth and how my father then became an alcoholic to 'cope'. I always did wonder who exactly had looked after him and why he'd come home and cried himself to sleep each night. I thought it must be related with having been away from me for a week, but I was a fool for thinking that. It certainly explains some of the things he shouted while having fits before he was hospitalised. I thought your name rang a bell." I hissed the last sentence, spat it out like it was filth.

"No." he protested, although softly and disbelievingly.

While I had been speaking, the tears had stopped flowing. I was fresh out of tears for Archie. For Peter, my poor Little Petey, I had shed more than my fair share of rivers when we'd opted to turn the life support machines off.

As I spoke more and more, I lowered my head until all I could see was the floor. I couldn't stand to look at his face.

"All those nights where I comforted him after he woke up, everything I did for him. It was all wasted time. Care to explain that one away? Do you happen to have an evil twin brother by the same name that you could blame this on? Anything you could have to say that would make this any better? Believe me, I could do with something to make everything better, because I just don't think you're the person I kissed anymore and that's a pretty radical change in less than twenty four hours."

"You don't understand." he answered.

"Oh yeah?" I shouted. "Please explain."

He walked towards me and hugged me. I don't know why I didn't back away. Instead, I buried my face in his neck and cried as he spoke. "Such an unhappy plot life does lay. It's a shame it isn't just a film." I thought.

"I was protecting him." he muttered. "I tried to stop them..."

The End

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