Evie: Increasing In Numbers

Natalie screamed at Archie. "Where's Carrie? Archie, where's Carrie?" She lunged at him and attempted to grab hold of him. I sidestepped in and blocked her off.

Grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her, I realised I was speaking quietly to her. "Hello Natalie. I'm Evie. This here is my dog Busker. He's getting worried about you now he's seen me be friendly towards you. I think you need to calm down and then anyone who needs to explain anything can do. We can only do that when everyone is calm, okay?" She responded and reluctantly calmed down.

Archie was rooted to the spot. I motioned for Otis to take over Natalie's role at the door and made her sit down on one of the couches where there wasn't as much blood. Archie looked about ready to collapse.

"Right," I said, breezy and smiling. "I need to sort something out upstairs, I won't be too long. Sorry. Archie, can you help me please?" I gestured as his legs shook and he nearly keeled over. Grabbing him by the hand, I dragged him upstairs and into the room I had come  to think of as mine.

I looked at him and waited in 'my' room for an answer while Busker was walking around my feet like a cat. I swear that dog doesn't know he's a dog sometimes. Sometimes, I was worried about him - in case he became a zombie when he was defending me. "I couldn't stand to kill him. I couldn't do it like Will Smith did in I Am Legend. It's a shame there isn't a Will Smith equivalent here right now. He'd be useful for many reasons." Not now. It wasn't just inappropriate, but also distracting. I needed to find out the connection between Carrie, Natalie and Archie, although I had a pretty good idea.

"Archie," I whispered. "What happened to Carrie?" He shook his head, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. "Was she the girl who...? Did you...? How are you connected...?" I couldn't finish the a single one of the sentences. Not while looking at him in that state.

I decided to do the one thing that had worked before. It was all I could do to just hope it would work again. I raised my arm and slapped him, as hard as I could.

The End

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