Evie: Cornered

Archie stood between me and the zombie. I tried to stand next to him, but he stopped me and spoke. "I owe you." 

If I got a chance to hide behind him, I would - although reluctantly. As the zombie moved closer, I felt Archie take a step back and closer to me. Ashamed of my behaviour, but uncaring, I cowered behind him. He was slightly muscular and, for an unexplainable moment, that made me feel better.

I heard a strange human voice shout from downstairs in the thick of the zombie hoard, "Are there..." A pause and a grunt. "Are there any survivors in here?"

Archie was rooted to the spot, probably too scared to move or say anything in case the zombie decided to cross the room any faster. I was not going to die like this at least - I should go down fighting. "Two upstairs!" I shouted, too shakily than I'd meant. I pushed past Archie and shouted to Busker. "Sick 'em boy!"

After a moment's hesitation, Busker launched himself at the zombie. "It looked like a vampire. In fact, it was almost as though I was Buffy, but without the weapons and skills..." Commented the voice in my mind. "No biting!" I shouted and, luckily, he complied. The zombie was knocked off its feet. I managed to get to it and kick its head until it was unrecognisable as even being 3D at one point.

I heard Archie take a deep breath in from behind me and I turned to face him. "As much fun as cowering in fear behind you is, I'd like to at least try not to die." I smiled and walked towards the door. I intended to get a weapon and then try to either defend our small group, or attempt to fight out way out of it. As soon as I got to the door, another body came towards me. "Another...what a surprise." As it happened, it was a surprise.

The body wasn't a zombie, but a human.

"Hey, are you okay?" said the guy who'd approached through the door. In his hand he carried an axe and he paused to wipe the sweat from his brow. "Look, the house is clear now, if a little messy. You can come downstairs now and meet the rest of the group." With that, he turned and left the room.

I looked back at Archie - he seemed completely shell shocked. He had barely moved since I'd shoved past him and defeated the zombie without a weapon.

Walking over to him with Busker at my feet, I put my hand in his. Slowly, his head turned to look at me. He looked lost for words. "What are you trying to say Archie?" I asked, before we headed down to meet the other new group.

Bad things come in huge quantities - that much was proved by the zombies - so was meeting several people in a day or two going to be good or bad?

The End

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