Archie: Embrace

Evie gave me her little speech and it calmed me down. It didn't mean that I liked her any more than I had before, it just made me realise that I was screwed if left on my own.

"So I'm stuck with you?" I said.

"Yes." she replied rather forcefully. Then she hugged me.

It all came flooding back; Ingrid kissing me and that moment where my best friend Carrie fell into my arms. They were both gone now. I pushed Evie away, backing into the corner. "No." I hissed. I could feel myself breaking down right in front of her and I didn't care. So what if I'd die if she left. It was all that I deserved.

"Archie." she muttered weakly, stepping towards me.

"Go away." I whimpered, retreating into myself.


I woke up a little later. I was alone in the room. I wanted to smile because she had gone but I didn't. I could still see their faces. They were going to haunt me. I tried to put them to the back of my mind as I got up. I didn't want to but I went into the neighbouring room and found them there. They hadn't gone anywhere.

"Feeling any better?" she asked, staying away from me. Her voice had been blunt and harsh and I could tell from the way that she was standing that I had done something.

"You're going to have to tell me what I did because I can't remember anything." I watched as Busker hid behind her legs. Woah, I must have done something really bad. Then I looked at her face again and it started to come back to me.

Oh crap.


"Go away!" I shouted, pulling my knees up to guard my face.

"Don't do this." she said, trying to open me up. My hand lashed out, slapping her across the face. She backed away from me, anger and emotion building up inside of her.

"I'm sorry." I muttered but it was too late. She grabbed me and pinned me down on the floor, slapping me hard in the face.

"Listen to me." she hissed, practically spitting in my face.

"Please Evie."

"I am not going to die because of you." She slapped me again. My cheek felt raw but there was nothing I could do.

"Then go." I screamed, thrashing my limbs about.

"No." she replied forcefully.

Then an idea popped into my head. The faces appeared and told me what to do. After all, they had both left me. So I did what Ingrid had that short time ago.

I kissed Evie forcefully on the lips, hoping that she too would leave me to face the world alone.

The End

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