Evie: Teaching Lessons

I heard him trying to annoy me from the connecting room. It wasn't as though it wasn't obvious. Shaking my head, I found the en suite and got into the shower, ignoring his further comments.

I hadn't been able to wash the blood off me before today. The other house I had been staying in didn't have any water. It was odd. Some houses had perfectly working hot and cold water, some even with heating and electricity. Others didn't, but had good stashes of food. With this house I'd hit the jackpot. Hot water, clean towels, plenty of food, heating and electricity. It's just a shame I wasn't only with Busker. Why did the first human contact I've had in ages not be nice? "I'd be better off as  ET, Paul or even IT. Gee." Sometimes I wonder why I've read so many books and seen so many films.

I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around myself, tucking it in tightly so it wouldn't fall. I wrapped a smaller one around my hair and simply relaxed for a moment or two in the generated steam. After that, I felt much better.

It's indescribable, the feeling you get when washing zombie's blood and guts off yourself after a victory. But it's a good indescribable.

Walking into the room I was going to sleep in, with Busker following diligently behind, I took the towel off my hair and brushed it gently. When it was wet, it almost looked ginger. It didn't take long for me to pin it up at the back and put my fringe up so both my eyes were useful and visible.

I heard Archie in the room next door speaking loud enough to be heard. "I suppose she is quite attractive." I rolled my eyes and tightened the towel around me. "I reckon I'd have gone for her."

That was it. He was going to regret messing with me. I don't know why I didn't teach him that before. It would have been easier.

I told Busker quietly to stay where he was - contentedly curled up on a mat in the middle of the floor - and quietly padded over to the door between my room and Archie's. I listened for a hint as to where he was in the room. A floorboard creaked and I could tell he was on the floor. His breathing was slow and regular - he was probably asleep, or close to sleep.


Slowly and carefully, I pushed the door open. I had been right. He was lying in the middle of the floor, his weapon just out of reach. I shook my head and laughed to myself. This was going to be funny and he was going to learn that I wasn't someone you could mess with and expect to get away with it.

I crept up behind him, towards his head. Walking tenderly around him, I was lucky that he didn't even stir. I secured my towel extra tight one more time and got ready.

Bending forward, I grabbed his wrist and twisted, my foot kicking him gently over onto his front. Quickly, I knelt on the small of his back and stopped him from thrashing around. I held one arm down and the other twisted and up his back. He let out a quiet cry of surprise and tried to throw me off, but it was futile. He was immobilised and I could hold people twice his size like this for a while. That's what a defence class teaches you.

"What was that you said about me being about fourteen before?" I asked, sarcastically.

The End

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