Evie: Surrounded

Is he actually serious? Damn, who does this kid think he is? Jesus reincarnated? He looked livid every time I spoke, but I was past caring. This idiot had lasted this long by hiding and letting the zombies attack whoever was with him. I was going to make sure I wasn't there when that happened again.

When he shouted at me, I think he was trying to sound menacing, but I likened it in my mind to a chihuahua trying to threaten a (rather pretty) pitbull. It didn't work.

"We have all we need." I said, standing and summoning Busker to my side. "You going to be alright on your own?" I mocked. What a pathetic shell of a person. The first human contact I've had in yonks and he's an idiot. It's like I'm Lister in Red Dwarf. I wish I was in Fiji. I bet there's no zombies there. Everyone would be happy and eat at the diner I owned with the animals and the green hats and... oh I was off again. And, oh, what I wouldn't do for a vindaloo right now. I doubt I'd ever have a decent meal like that again.

I made by way down the stairs and into the hall. Opening the door first, I let out a slightly involuntary scream. The zombies were everywhere. I immediately swung the door shut and put the deadbolt over, but two zombies had already got into the hallway.

"Busker! Get Archie. Now!" I yelled. The zombies weren't particularly strong, or powerful; just plain persistent. Like a clingy, obsessive ex. All it often takes to stop it is one powerful, well placed swing of a baseball bat, or a well aimed shot and they stop bothering you. Kinda like how Fatal Attraction ended, but a shot to the head instead of the chest... I needed to focus on the zombies attacking instead of films right now. It is rather trickier, however, when you're on your own.

With a grunt, I swung the bat as hard as I could at the closer zombie. Its head exploded in a lovely spurt of rotting goo. As the second zombie came closer, I heard Busker yelp from upstairs. The noise distracted me for a moment and made my aim less accurate. Instead of smashing the zombie's skull, it cracked the shoulder bone. How nice. I swung a second time and was successful.

Panting lightly, I leaned against my bat. There were no more zombies inside the house, (this was a plus) but I couldn't exactly stay here - they had surrounded the place and wouldn't give up until morning at least. I was stuck here with Archie for the night.

Oh the joys.

As I trudged begrudgingly up the stairs to find where the pathetic excuse of a guy was, I attempted to wipe some of the splattered blood from my face. I knew those extra clothes would come in handy.

The End

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