Archie: Getting On

I had trapped myself on the roof, clasping my golf club in two hands. I was ready for them, even though I knew that they would kill me due to the sheer uselessness of my weapon and the deadly large number of them. I felt like that was the end.

But they never came. Instead I got a sassy little girl and a dog. At first I thought it was Ingrid and Wilson and that they had come to kill me and so with my eyes clouded with tears, I had swung the club at them, hoping to do some damage. When she blocked my attack and started shouting at me, I decided to re-evaluate the situation.

She introduced herself as Evie May with her dog Busker. After I got over the fact that I felt like I had found myself in the zombie version of the Famous Five, I tried to talk to her.

"There was a large group of us a day or two ago. I'm the last one left now." I said, cradling my golf club. It wasn't technically mine; I had found it along with a selection of others in the back of a car and had picked up the largest, meanest looking one. It was a shame that it wasn't terribly large or scary though.

"You get attacked?" she asked, stroking her dog.

"Of course." I hissed. "What else do you think could have happened?"

"Lots of things." she looked up at me and at that moment I knew how she was not the type of person that I wanted to get into a fight with; she would fight dirty. "Disease, accidents, suicide." She elongated the final word as if she was testing the waters. She stopped and shut her mouth when she noticed me react. I stood up in anger, ready to beat her.

"I lost everyone and you don't care do you?" I snapped.

"We all lost everyone." she hissed in response. Every single time she opened her mouth I wanted to smack her very hard in the face. She had been nothing but depressing since I had met her and I didn't appreciate that.

"Is there any reason you're still here?" I barked, glaring at her.

"We have all we need." she said, standing up. "You going to be alright on your own?" Her voice had a hint of sarcasm. I nodded, turning my back on her. She left, taking her dog with her. Her dog hadn't been as nice or as friendly as my dog.

I heard her scream from the door. They were there.

I knew that it was wrong and that I should have gone to see if she was alright, maybe even tried to save her but I simply ran and hid, hoping that they wouldn't find me.

The End

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