Evie: Companion

I had scouted the building before locking and bolting myself in. Although there looked as though there had been a fresh massacre, there was no sign of any remaining zombies and there was nothing except pools of slowly drying blood across the floor and splattered over the wall. It was all rather gruesome really, like something out of a horror movie. "Not now." I scolded.

Just in case there was a looter around that I hadn't spotted, I took the baseball bat from where I'd managed to tie it to my bike and went up the stairs. There were lots of them and when I found the lad up on the roof, I didn't know what to do. I hadn't had any contact with another live human for quite a while as the ones I had met so far were either zombies or the destroyed remains of what was once a person. What a bright and beautiful world this was.

The lad looked scared at first. I don't know what he was scared of (the zombies I suppose) and he took a swing at me with a golf club. I brought my baseball bat up to block it and knocked it shy of my face.

"Well that wasn't very nice. How in any way do I look like a threat?" I asked. Nervously, his eyes seemed to scan over me and see exactly what there was to see, not a zombie. In what world is a blonde, sight impaired (as much as I love my fringe, it does get in the way of actually seeing anything sometimes), blue eyed, dainty, five foot three and a half girl in a dress a threat? The only threatening things about me were my dog and the baseball bat in my hand. Busker wasn't even threatening - in fact he was chasing his tail at this moment in time. I sighed to myself.

"I'm sorry." he stuttered quietly. "It's just..." he trailed off, his eyes glazing over. I was in no doubt he was thinking about what had happened. I seriously doubt his sanity as of so far.

"Like I said before attacked me, I'm Evie, Evie May, and this is Busker. Who are you?"

"Archie. Archie Bolen." he whispered.

"Right, Archie. One little rule if we're both going to stay here for at least today, don't try to kill me again? If this is anything to go by, the rest of the human population has been spending the time I used for surviving to lose their sanity. Great."

He glared at me. This was going to be a long night.

The End

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