Archie: Salvation

Wilson leapt at me, his paws scratching my legs. "Down boy." I hissed, pushing him away. Wilson was our dog and he had got himself rather attached to me of late. We had found him in a garden, trapped in his little doghouse and so we had saved him and let him go but he had decided to follow us. They all wanted to call him stupid names but I insisted that he already had a name on his tag and so he remained Wilson. He pawed at me again, wanting to play but I nudged him away. He whimpered softly before wandering off.

 "Yes Ingrid?" I said, returning my gaze to her. She was truly beautiful and every time I looked at her or got this close to her, I couldn't help but smile.

She leaned in to me, kissing me forcefully on the lips. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth for a second before both it and she retreated. I looked at her in shock. That should never have happened. That just made everything ten times worse. "Why?" I asked, stepping back.

But she didn't answer. Instead she vaulted over the edge and I watched as she fell. It had been her final indulgence. I had been used. I felt violated.

This time I saw her land before the crowd swarmed around her lifeless body. Her beautiful, lifeless body. I thought she was stronger than that; I think we all did but it must have been harder on her than we had assumed. She had talked about her sister and how she was looking for her. She had once told me that she would never give up looking for her. She must have found her, but it couldn't have been what she wanted to find.

Down there was our ending, happy or otherwise. We were doomed to a life of one simple choice: fight or flight. At that moment in time, flight sounded like a pretty good option. I was sick of all this running around, hitting out at anything that was dead and yet refused to stop moving. I wanted everything to go back to how it was but I knew, deep down that that was never going to happen. Even if, somehow, we survived this, the world would never be the same again.

Then Wilson nudged me and I remembered why I could control my urge to fly through the air. There were people, and Wilson, who needed my help to survive. He looked up at me, a little blood on his face. I knelt down and wiped it away, surprised that I hadn't seen that before.

I ran down the stairs to join my friends and allies, a forced smile on my face. I knew that I should tell them about Ingrid but thought that with morale being low enough as it was, maybe it would be for the best if I didn't say anything straight away. Maybe tell them a joke or two to lighten the mood.

I stopped, one flight of stairs short of the rest of them. I could feel tears rolling down my face and a terrible feeling of emptiness building up inside me. She had got to me. I knew that I needed to forget her, just like I had forgotten everyone else who I had lost. I could mourn her loss later.

I entered the room to find the scene of a massacre. They had broken in and made their way up to us. There had been a large fight based on the number of corpses that littered the floor but we had lost. I wanted to find their bodies and burn them before they could be eaten but there was something moving in there and it had spotted me. It pulled itself up, someone's intestines still in it's mouth.

I raised my golf club, ready to exact revenge for my friends. As it approached, I caught Wilson run off out of the corner of my eye. I swung the club and watched it smack into the thing's head with a satisfying sound. I watched the thing fall back but it hadn't been enough. It was still, well, alive and I had no clue what to do about it. I hit it again and although I heard a similar sound, it didn't react as much this time. I needed a proper weapon, not some stupid golf club.

I backed out of the room, bumping into something. It was Wilson, dead on the floor with one of those creatures pulling his innards out. I wanted to be sick but I didn't have time. I felt the tears appearing again, reminding me of all the times that he had been there to save us with his loud barking. I'd miss him.

I ran, knowing that there was nowhere I could go to be safe from them. I was trapped.

Then I had an idea and ran to the roof in search of my salvation.

The End

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