Evie: Alone

I woke to the sound of the zombies. It's a rather hard sound to describe in all truth. There's a mixture of moaning, groaning, wailing and a few other noises that are not describable with the words I know. At least it was constant. If it suddenly stopped, I'd be more worried than the constant hum. After a while, you become used to the sounds - like cars driving down the street. Of course, these zombies were certainly deadlier.

I would say I have been alone so far during the apocalypse, sort of like Will Smith in I Am Legend, but there is one more similarity. I also have a dog. Although the similarities end there. 'Stop being such a geek.' I scold myself. If anything, it's got worse since I've had a big lack in humans to talk to. Busker is the only companion that's been with me thorough everything, it only makes sense that he's with me through this as well. As much as I love him, he makes it slightly harder when looking for food. So far I've been lucky and been able to hide out in regular houses. The supply of food is rather decent and I can usually find new clothes or water for washing when I need them.

If there is an upside to this apocalypse, it's that I'm now in such great shape. I suppose if anything is going to make you fit, it's surviving through an apocalypse.

Today, I'm moving on. The supply of food has dwindled in this house. I packed up all the tins and a tin opener, as many bottles as would fit full of water and some clothes for warmth into a bag I commandeered from a previous house.

I mount my bike, check the bag is full, zipped up and strapped on properly in case of an incident or a run in and then call Busker to my side. We set off out the house and down the middle of the road. We keep a steady pace - I don't want to be caught tired and vulnerable by the zombies now, do I?

I want to find another good house. The last one had strong doors and deadbolts, as well as a decent stash of food. After a few minutes, I see one that could be what I'm looking for. Heading for the door, I dismount and put the stand up, checking the entire time for hidden zombies. I haven't encountered them yet on this switch, but I'm still weary. Better safe than sorry. I look under the stones and features of the garden, searching for a spare key. I looked under the door mat and still couldn't find it. There was only one more place where it may have been hidden. I walk to the car - a jaguar I notice - and check on the wheels. There it is.

I take it and open the door. I usher Busker in, bring in the bike and close the door behind me. Securing all the doors is the first thing I do, although I haven't been accosted by a zombie in a house yet, I would rather not chance it.

After that I head upstairs and find a bed to lie on and rest. Imagine my surprise when I find a lad, around the same age as me, curled up and covered in blood, weeping. I can tell he isn't a zombie - they have a look, sound and smell about them that gives them away. I advance wearily.

"Hello. My name's Evie May and this here is Busker. Who are you?"

The End

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