Murder City

A tragic apocalyptic tale.

The Apocalypse

One moment the sky was pure, unblemished and blue, the next it was heart attack crimson. Where there once was nothing but clear skies, there was now huge masses of black clouds, appearing ominously over the whole proceeding from nowhere.

There was a confused moment when everyone stopped and waited. Silence dominated the world, movement unheard of - even the cool summer breeze that had just been cooling down the temperatures had disappeared. It seemed as though everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the phenomenon to stop, waiting for life to continue as usual, waiting for someone to tell them it was a hoax. That way life as they knew it could continue and they would all be able to laugh about it and laugh at how scared they had all been for no real reason. They would sit around and tell their stories about where they were and what they were doing when the phenomenon happened. They would be able to tell these tales to future generations and liken the feeling to the common irrational fear of the dark as a small child.

Sadly, this didn't happen.

What did happen, was that zombies appeared from every alley, every street, every nook and every cranny. There was practically no escaping them. Fear was used as a weapon by these abnormalities. It was the best weapon they had and it worked.

Although the flesh devouring monstrosities came slowly, they came.

The End

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