I suppose when my fingers typed away a story and my mind twisted and turned for the correct words, in the back of my head I questioned nearly everything about my characters. Sometimes I think about changing the smallest details of my characters. Maybe I should change his eye color from white to blue? Maybe she's a little too destructive? And even at one point when I was trying to stir up a romantic point between the male and female leads, I wondered whether I should get a turkey sandwich for lunch. Strange isn't?

Oh but it gets worse. I was laying in bed, fantasizing about something that most likely went against the laws of physics and reality, when Vale came and walked into my day dream with the most out of character plead I ever had the pleasure of my mind creating. "Mother may I have more fun?" If I wasn't nestled comfortable in the pillows and blankets of my bed (and living in the real world) I might've just fallen face down on the ground, laughing.

"What?" I could have sworn I heard mockery and amusement laced in my voice. My best friend would approve of this.

Vale, being the war-hardened woman she was, looked like she wanted to murder me in my sleep. She rolled her eyes at me - and I wasn't aware I could ever think of her doing that - and rubbed the bridge her nose. "I have a problem with your plot. And my role in it..."

Okay, now it was my time to roll my eyes. "Really now? How can you possibly complain if you're the protagonist?" She let out a loud ‘HA!' at this and shot a look at me. In my head. She made a nasty expression at me - in my head...Just to clarify that.

"Do not use that word! I am not a...what was that term you once used to describe my dead sister? Ah yes, "good-guy"! I am not a "good-guy"!" I must admit this: The fact that she was using, uh, modern-day lingo was just terrifying. Mind you this lady enjoys fighting more than I'm willing to admit at this moment!

I scoffed though, while surpassing a hysterical teary-laugh. I stopped laughing after a while just to say, "Well you're not a "good-guy". More like an anti-hero if anything else - But wait! Why are we having this conversation? What are you not pleased with? Is it the fact that I'm going to kill off the guy that you might just possibly have feelings for? Or is it because you're going to end up with -"

Imaginary lightning struck me. You could imagine how that felt. Seriously.

 Vale ignored the current burnt state of my un-real-self and went on to say, "Mother...You are my "mother" right?" I cannot apply a witty comment to that, but all I'll say is that I lifted my eyebrow (lifting up one's eyebrows always works when you lacked words). I don't think Vale noticed my finely, arched eyebrow though.

"Mother, the thing I have a problem with is that you plan to portray me as a good person! I am not a good person!"

Yeah, I kind of figured...

I lifted myself up and stared at the crazy woman in front of me and said, "No you're not. But be happy! You get to partake in a revolution, get to put two queens on the throne - one of which is crazy, help kill the pervious monarch of the two, and oh, did I mention that you see your little sister again? You know the one who died of old age?!"

Vale snorted and gave me a hand gesture that I don't want to identify for the sake of young children. "I cannot express my gratitude for all of that, but I get to kill a lot of people along the way, yes?"

At that moment I may have realized what type of character I created. You know...may have. "Your sister, Vale! Your sister! She's part of the reason why you have such a twisted sense of morality!" I screamed.

"I still get to kill a lot of people right?"

I let out a defeated sigh and muttered, "Yes..." And at that, Vale skipped away with her black hair and weapon following behind her. I went back to my fantasy that consisted of unicorns, rainbows, and explosions, but before I returned to partially-sane state of mind, I gave a barely audible reply to my child's retreating figure. Though even at this point I'm not sure what I said, I might have said something like this: "Gods, what have I created?" or "This is the most ridiculous piece of writing I have ever created", but it was most likely "I'm so happy I'm juggling you between multiple men..."

The End

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