Characters are like little kiddies. Always looking up to their author/parent for advice and to beg for their future. Sometimes the parents have to come down hard on their kiddies. But sometime their requests are granted. That's why when my poop little Adrian came into the room I wondered which it would be, punishment of exaltation?

Adrian came into the room with a dejected look and slumped shoulders. I was typing out his fate on the laptop so tht might have drawn him. I looked up. He was giving me those puppy eyes he knew I had an impossible time refusing.

I sighed and shut the laptop with a SNAP! "What is it bud?" I asked him patiently. "Mother, may I please be with Amber now." I rolled my eyes. "Adrian, darling boy. Sit down." He perched on the edge of the couch with his stormy gray eyes rivited on mine.

I began slowly. Giving him the speech i'd given him since he'd been introduced to my new story. "Not yet. You know that Amber has to experience so much more in her life before becoming close to you. You're not even in the chapter i'm writing!"

He looked at me with those sad, sad eyes. I caught my breath and told him gently, "Come on. Into the story. I'll be writing you soon." With a dejected sigh he slouched away. Shaking my head in pity I turned my attention back to the laptop.

Only to be interupted by a a quiet. "Mother?" I looked up. Amber. I groaned and almost smacked my head in frustration. 'Lovebirds.' I thought annoyed. 

The End

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