Sunlight had started showing in the late afternoon as James, Nate and Robbie were pulled over on the side of the road, stopping to rest and plan.

"How many zombie apocalypse films have you guys seen?" asked Robbie between bites of a granola bar.

"Let's see..." said James, turning towards Nate. "Didn't you and I watch Dawn of the Dead when we were eight?"

"Yeah," said Nate. "I laughed all the way through."

"Yeah, you hated all the characters," said James. "Except Kenneth."

"He was the only one who did anything right," said Nate, blowing smoke from a cigarette.

"So there's that..." said James, pondering. "Don't know for sure, but I've seen at least a dozen, you know, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead..."

"Plenty of Romero films?" asked Robbie.

"Hell yeah," said James.

"How close would you say this is to a Romero film?"

"Pretty damn close," said Nate. "Although, we don't know that it's world-wide."

"If it is, we're probably fucked," said James. "Still, given the situation, I guess that makes us like the characters in a Romero film."

"Don't most Romero characters die?" asked Robbie.

"Yeah, because they were idiots," said Nate. "We have weapons, food, supplies, and we don't have a pregnant woman to lug around." James and Robbie laughed.

"Which means we have a much better sense of planning than those characters," said James. "Any luck with the wi-fi?"

"No," said Nate, checking a laptop he had open on the trunk of the car. "I told you, we need to get closer to an available network."

"Well, we want to avoid the center of town, it could be swarming with infected," said James. "So that rules out the library or cafe."

"I think our main objective should be to find some kind of rescue effort," said Nate. "The government must be coordinating something."

"Hopefully," said James. "Assuming they don't order the troops to shoot everyone on site."

"And the troops won't have any issue with that, if Iraq is any evidence," said Nate.

"Agreed," said James, scratching his goatee in consideration. "What if we go to the police station? Just see what's there?"

"We just said we should avoid the center of town," said Nate.

"We can get to the police station taking a road along the outskirts," said James. "It's not quite in the center of town, but we have to be careful."

"I don't see any reason not to," said Robbie.

"I can think of about a thousand reasons," Nate responded. "All of them drooling, rotting, and hungering for our flesh."

"It's a risk we'll take," said James. "If it looks like something we can't handle, we get the fuck out of there, no attempts at slaying a horde."

"Sounds good," said Robbie. "You'll handle night watch again?"

"Yeah, no problem," said Nate. "I'm a night owl anyway, and James is the driver, so he needs proper sleep."

"Let's go then," said James as the three of them got back in the car and drove along the deserted road. After a few minutes of navigating the outskirts, James brought them to the edge of town, and soon to the police station.

"I don't see anything," said Robbie, looking out the back window.

"Place looks deserted," said Nate, scanning the building. "Still, keep an eye out."

James drove the car into the station's garage and parked near the exit for a quick escape. The garage was completely dark, save the light coming in through the open door. The three exited the car and mounted flashlights onto their weapons. Robbie was now carrying the shotgun Nate had saved from the skeet range.

They quickly found the door to into the building, proceeding up the staircase to search the lobby and offices. The place was completely empty, and the armory had been cleaned out. After half an hour, they went back down to the garage and spoke outside the car.

"Well, this was a bust I guess," said James.

"Not really," said Robbie, reaching into his shoulder pack. "I managed to find this." He presented a small radio.

"Good," said James, placing it on the car's dashboard. "Hopefully this will come in handy."

"Hell, this might not be too bad of a place to set up," said Nate. "Though, we'd eventually be besieged if this thing spreads as fast as it appears to."

"Which is why we have to be on the move," said James."Let's find somewhere to refuel, then look for a quiet place to rest for the night, figure out our next step tomorrow." Robbie and Nate nodded in agreement, and the three got back into the car, driving away from the police station.

The End

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