Ruby: EscapeMature

It had been so long, a few hours at least, and Ruby felt like she was becoming a part of the basement. A brick in the wall, perhaps, or one of of cold stones that paved the floor. The dust seemed to seep into her pores, entering her bloodstream, her entire body was numb. 

'You know what? This is ridiculous,' she mumbled to herself. Lucie had fallen asleep, god knows how with the noise going on above. Ruby was still having trouble adjusting to the whole situation, to the fact that she was now holed up in her enemy's basement trying to seek sanctuary from the creatures that were roaming the house looking for food, preferably them

Ruby stood to her feet with shaky knees and had to grip the wall behind her for support. Enough of this.

She switched the flashlight on, creating a path of visibility for her up the steps. Lucie stirred. 

'What are you doing?' she whispered, presumably still half-asleep.

'I'm getting the hell out of here.'

'What? No!' Lucie stood up. 'Are you crazy?'

'I think I'm going to be if I stay down here any longer.'

'They'll eat you alive!'

Ruby raised one eyebrow at her. She knew deep down that Lucie was correct but it was still surprising to hear her say it aloud. It made it that much more real. 

'At least I won't be cold anymore.'

'So what's your big plan? You're gonna go sauntering up there, tell them that it's all a big misunderstanding and that you're cold? You think they're gonna be all "oh sure Ruby of course, we'll let you leave"? You're CRAZY.'

'So they tell me.'

Ruby began the long, seemingly never-ending journey up the concrete steps, heart pounding like a jackhammer against her cold chest. The blood pounding in her ears told her that this was the make or break moment. She was either going to be swarmed instantly, or she'd stand a decent chance at escape. Briefly wondering what it was like to be eaten alive, she shuddered. She hoped her brain would be merciful and let her pass out from the pain instead of experiencing it all. 

'Wait!' Lucie hissed. Ruby sighed; she didn't have time for this. With each passing second, more creatures could be entering the house. Lucie disappeared for a couple of seconds, reappearing with what looked like a large, stone hammer. 

'Where did you find that?' she took it from the girl, surprised at how heavy it was.

'My dad used to collect all these weird artifacts but this freaked my mother out too much. She was paranoid someone was going to break in and attack us with it so she locked it down in the basement.'

'Seems plausible. You ready?' 

Lucie nodded, eyes wide with fear, her grip on the cricket bat so tight her knuckles were white. 

Taking a deep breath, Ruby unlocked the door and swung it open slowly. 

The End

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