Late Night Argument.Mature

Morgan sat on the front step of the house and listened as her parents and sister fought. She didn’t know how long she had stood there just listening to all of the shouting, but she knew that if she had walked inside, she would’ve been shouted as well. She hated cowering outside and unable to be in there to protect her younger sister.

Morgan sighed and placed her head in her hands and closed her eyes to block out the sounds of the shouting. A strange feeling overcame Morgan, a sense of something other worldly. Her vision faded into a wash of impenetrable darkness and she felt herself falling.
The first thing Morgan noticed was the smell. It was horrible.

The smell of death and dying bodies, of spilt blood and sweat. Her stomach tingled and churned, causing Morgan to stumble and double over and dry heave. Then she noticed the sounds. Swords clashing together, grunts of effort and the sounds of tortured screams and dying whispers.

Morgan felt overwhelmed. She didn’t know where she was, but she was terrified. She was still enclosed within the darkness, but the sounds and scents had her wishing she knew what was going on and where she was.

Suddenly the sound of a door slamming shut had Morgan gasping and opening her eyes in panic. She looked behind her and saw her father striding toward his truck angrily. He wrenched the door open and hopped, slamming the door shut. Morgan stood up and walked inside as the sound of screeching tyres sounded.

Morgan looked around for Alaina as she entered the lounge area but only her mother sat there, with her eyes focused on the TV and a drink in her hand. Morgan gritted her teeth together and walked upstairs to look for Alaina.
She strode over to her room and gingerly knocked on her bedroom door.

“What?” She heard her sister snap. Morgan opened the door and leant against the
“What was all that about?” She asked Alaina.
Alaina was sitting on her bed with a book open in her lap and dried tears on her face. Her face was flushed a light red shade with her hair tousled and pyjamas
Alaina sighed and closed the book. She pushed it aside and lay down on her bed and covered her face with hands.
“I hid the liquor cabinet key from dad and he got mad.” She said softly. Morgan sighed and walked into her room more and on the end of her bed.

“Why?” She asked her.  Alaina just shrugged and kept her face covered. Morgan fell silent and thought back to what had happened when she was out on the front step. She was curious to know what had actually happened or if she was just dreaming. Morgan opened her mouth to tell Alaina but closed it and stood up.

“I’m going to bed. See you in the morning.” She said as she walked out of the room. As soon as she got to her bed, she collapsed down onto it and within minutes she was fast asleep and in a place of peace.

The End

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