Alaina: NoteMature

Alaina glanced up at Jason and in the short moment that their eyes met, something... connected. Alaina could see his confusion at her expression.  If he asked her about it later, she'd just tell him she wasn't feeling too well.

Alaina carried on past him, thinking about what had happened in her dream. But it couldn't have been simply a dream. Could it? She was so confused, about everything. About her 'dream', about the people in it, about Jason. She'd known him for four years. She could trust him, couldn't she? In the course of one day, her entire world had been turned upside down. Freyja. That's what the man, Freyr, had called her.

"Alaina!" somebody shouted behind her. She turned around. Amber was grinning at her, her lips so wide they looked as if they were going to crack.

"You seem happy," Alaina commented, trying not to destroy her friend's moment, whatever it was. Maybe she'd been chosen for the swimming team?

"I gave David my number!" she squealed.

Alaina grinned and pulled Amber into a hug. "Aw, congrats. See, I told you that you could do it."

"Shall we go for lunch now?" Amber asked, releasing Alaina. Alaina nodded and they went to the queue together, which wasn't as long as it usually was.

The slop-filled plate was placed on each of their trays. They managed to find an small table that no one was currently occupying. Jason caught Alaina's eyes and she watched him as she sat down. He briefly glanced at David and laughed at something he'd said, but his gaze quickly moved back to Alaina.

Sat in the chair next to Jason was a new boy. The look on his face was guarded but his eyes flicked between Jason and Alaina, giving away his disappointment. Alaina turned away from Jason, breaking off their stare. She started eating the pasta in front of her absent-mindedly, hardly noticing the taste.

I could make Jason jealous by getting with that new boy, a part of her whispered. She shook her head; that had never worked, not once, and she hadn't the heart to try it again. She just couldn't deal with the disappointment anymore.

The two girls ate in silence. After a little while, Jason, David and the new guy passed them on their way to the door. Jason looked at Alaina purposefully, though she didn't know why. Then she noticed the small piece of folded paper on the table next to her. She hadn't even noticed him put it down.

She put down her cutlery, drawing Amber's attention, and picked up the note. She unfolded it and read it. She was confused by what it said, having to read it several times.

Are you avoiding me? Have I done something? Jase x

There was even a kiss at the end. Did that mean...? Alaina's heart flipped at the prospect but dismissed it. They were very good friends. Very good friends put kisses on things, even some boys. Alaina knew that, but she couldn't help thinking - wishing - that it was something more.

She realised she would have to talk to him. The note wasn't something she could ignore, not really. Plus, she wanted to find out why there was a kiss. She needed to find out.

The End

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