Paul Blaze.Mature

Paul Blaze leant his head back against the head rest of the car while his guardian sat next to him humming a little tune. The guardians name was Elliot and he'd

 He had lasted the longest out of all the people who had took the young boy in. 

It wasn't cause Paul Blaze was a bad kid. A bit cheeky, yes, and someone who liked to have fun, certainly, but not a trouble maker. No, it was cause of a skill he had, a sixth sense if you must, of knowing when people were telling the truth. It drove adults crazy when they were caught out on their lies.

Paul Blaze supposed it had helped him get through childhood easy. Father christmas? Never gave a thought to him. Then of course the boogy man had never freaked him out at night. Of course he'd never spoke these aloud before other children. He knew they believed. Well, not at his age but when they was a lot younger he was still the friendly lively guy he is today.

The reason he'd never dashed the beliefs of the children though wasn't just cause they were just kids but cause Paul wanted them to believe. It felt like he needed them to believe in something. What it was he didn't know but it was always there. Nagging at him in the back of his mind. Paul let out a long sigh and opened his eyes against the sun. Then he felt a sudden longing, a need to be closer to that ball of fire and light. Then suddenly it was gone and Paul realised Elliot was talking to him.

"Huh?" he muttered bored.

"I said you better not mess this school up, Paul" Elliot sighed and glanced at the school Paul hadn't realised they'd come to a stop in front of. "I realise what happened in the last school was a mistake but if you mess it up here... you're gonna have to go back"

Paul clenched his hands into fists and then quickly forced himself to relax. It wasn't his fault that he'd been honest to the teacher and told them to stop having affair cause the guy was never gonna leave his wife. He had got expelled for giving to much advice. How was that grounds for getting expelled? Upset the wrong people he supposed.

"You're too observant for your own good, Paul. Just... take it easy here"

"Fine" Paul said to his guardian before slipping out quickly into the rays of sun. He took in a slow gentle breath tasting the sun on his tongue but sad to find it slipping behind some clouds.

Scuffing his shoes against the gravel he turned and walked steadily up to the large building. His hair flopped into his eyes and he pushed back the oak brown strands wondering if he was ever gonna get it cut soon.

He reached the school soon but just as he reached the door he heard the bell go and kids rushed outside for their lunch hour. Paul almost toppled back at the flow of students but a boy caught his arm pulling him to his feet. The boy had the bluest of eyes and just made Paul cringe from his touch like it wasn't right. Like it was a clash of too much culture.

It seemed the boy felt it too cause he let go of Paul's arm the moment he had him back on his feet. "You should really watch it here" the boy said slowly watching Paul oddly.

Paul swallowed before standing straight. "I thought I'd got here in time to get to reception without the mad lunch rush" he answered simply with a shrug before glancing the flow of students going into another building. The lunch room Paul guessed.

"Yeah, well, Its only the second day at school" the boy pointed out.

"I'm Paul by the way" 

"Jason" he replied. "You look a little lost. Want me to show you to reception" Paul nodded slowly. "David!" he yelled to another kid waiting further off. "I'll see you later, yeah?"

David nodded before walking off at a quick paced walk. 

"This way" Jason muttered turning to head back into the main building. They didn't say much as they walked for a bit before Jason coughed. "So, why starting a new school?"

"Got expelled from the last one and the one before that and that and that" Paul laughed. "Lets just say the truth doesn't always seem the right thing to say"

Jason looked at him then and blinked like he held some secret behind that. "Yeah, well..." he trailed off and stopped. "Here's the reception. Maybe I'll see you around"

"Yeah, maybe..." Paul muttered once Jason was gone off down the corridor. Well, seeing as Paul guessed he was around 15 and he'd only turned 16 the other day then they'd probably be in the same year. Just as Jason was about to leave through some doors though Paul felt his breath get taken away.

Her hair was a beautiful golden blond and she just pulled to Paul in a sense... he didn't know how to explain. That was when though Jason turned to her and the look they shared made Paul be hit with a truth he didn't really like.

"Damn" he muttered.

The End

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