There he went again, breaking Alaina's heart. He never showed any interest in her. It wasn't because of what he did, it was because of what he didn't do. Alaina wanted him to look at her, to smile at her like all the other boys did. She didn't want him to bow down to her, she just wanted him to show some interest.

Alaina was walking down the corridor. She thought she saw something out the corner of her eye so turned her head to see. But she turned too quickly. She suddenly felt light-headed and queasy and fell to the floor.

As people flocked around her to see if she was okay, Alaina watched a figure turn and walk away but she must have been imagining it because the figure was gone within the blink of an eye. As her eyes slid shut, she realised she wasn't wearing her gold necklace. Amused that she thought such things were important, she passed out.


The school nurse had called Alaina's mother to come and pick her up. So Alaina was lying in bed at home. She hadn't woken up and it was getting dark outside. Her temperature felt molten and sweat fell into the mattress. Occasionally, Alaina would whimper as if she was in pain. Her mother hadn't left her bedside since she'd got her home, only to get colder water.

In Alaina's mind, something was happening. It was halfway between a dream and nightmare. In her head, Alaina was stood in a massive hall. The ceiling seemed to stretch to the sky and the walls never seemed to end. The hall was decorated with gold and silver and platinum as well as other metals. Ghosts and spirits milled around the hall, giving the large table in the middle a wide berth. Some of them whispered things to her and some just stopped and stared at her.

The table was long and Alaina wondered how many trees had been cut down to simply make it. But this table didn't seem to shine like polished wood, it seemed to glitter like gold. Around the table, sat in fancy chairs, were men and women - the men clad in armour and the women wearing flouncy dresses that floated with the slightest movement or breeze of air. One of the men saw her and broke into a massive grin. His blond hair and green eyes shone just like Alaina's did.

"Freyja," he breathed before getting up and rushing to hug her. Everyone turned to stare at her.

"Leave her, Freyr, she probably still doesn't know. She has lived in Midgardr for fifteen years," said the man sat at the head of the table. He sat in what could only be described as a throne with fanciful decorating.

The man called Freyr nodded and took his seat again, leaving Alaina confused and thinking she was insane. The man who sat in the throne smiled at her.

"Alaina," he said, "my name is Odin. You won't remember me at the moment but in time you will. Until then, remember these words: Jason Hasel is someone not to be trusted. Remember that next time you see him."

And with that, Alaina disappeared from the hall and her temperature came back down to normal as she woke up, wondering what the man had meant.

The End

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