Mortal GodsMature

So, gods are immortal and live forever, right? Wrong. They die and they get reborn. But there's a catch: they don't get their powers, or even know who they are, until a certain age. Sounds fun, yeah?

Alaina looked over at Jason. She raised an eyebrow and smiled at him, flirting with him like she did with all the guys in their year, though he seemed to be the only one that didn't fall at her feet and worship her. Jason rolled his eyes at her and carried on pretending to do the exam. It wasn't really an exam, more of a mid-topic test.

He'd never found tests hard, at all. He didn't even have to revise. He'd finished it long before anyone else and was waiting for the bell to ring. Then he'd be free. Well, free for an hour at lunch.

The bell rang out through the halls and resonated off the linoleum flooring. Several people moaned; they obviously hadn't finished all of the questions. Jason stuffed his pencil case in his rucksack, zipped it shut and slung it over his shoulder. He picked up his test paper and handed it to the teacher as he left. She smiled at him with that creepy smile of hers. She really freaked him out.

"Jase! Wait up!" shouted David from down the corridor. He was in a different maths group to Jason and ran to catch up with him. Jason laughed as his friend struggled for breath next to him.

"I think you need to go to tryouts next week, David; you're getting a bit podgy around the middle there," he said, pretending to be mean, like always. He was very good at it.

David just looked at Jason with an expression that said: 'Do I care right now?' Jason smiled at him and they carried on walking. Alaina brushed past him, bumping into him on purpose.

"Oops, sorry, Jase," she said in her tinkling voice.

She looked over her shoulder at him as she walked on, hoping that he was going to finally show some interest. In truth, he did like her. But he didn't like her because she was the pretty, popular girl that everybody liked. He liked her because she was her. Yes, she was pretty, yes, she was popular and yes, everybody fancied her, but to him she was just Alaina, the girl that tried so hard when she really didn't need to.

All Jason did was smile at her though. She smiled back at him, but there was disappointment in her eyes, like she was wishing for something that wasn't there. Jason didn't want anyone to know he liked her. David didn't even know, and he was his best friend.

It was a habit of his, lying. He did it so often it became first nature, as opposed to second. It was so much easier than telling the truth. He kept secrets from everyone, even if it was something stupid, like what he had for dinner last night. He didn't like people knowing about him so he either lied or just didn't tell them anything.

He was fifteen years old and 6 foot tall. He was the tallest in his year, but only by an inch or two. He was so thin that everyone thought he was anorexic or something. He'd never heard of guys with anorexia before but he guessed it could happen.

The school hated Jason, they really did. There were rules about hair dye, piercings and tattoos and things like that. He - quite obviously - ignored them. Jason had an earring in his right lobe and a dragon tattoo on the inside of his left forearm. The only rule he had never once broken was the one about hair dye. He'd never dyed his hair, yet he used to be a really light blond and now his hair was black. It happened over the summer holidays two or three years previously and so slowly he'd hardly noticed.

The End

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