Eloise: Well Thats Put the Dog Amongst the Pigeons!Mature

I has happy that I have eventually sorted things out with Ray, I realised I had got the wrong end of the stick before and that Ray would never ever ever cheat on me with anyone.

I met up with him after school and he and I made our way towards his car as my car was having its MOT so Ray had given me a lift in.

"So what do you fancy doing tonight?" I asked Ray as we climbed into his car and he started up his engine. "I don't mind, what do you want to do?" he said shrugging.   "Why don't we go see Zoey? we could crash at hers since its the weekend and she seems to be having alot of sleepovers recently ... no wonder she was looking so drained at school today." I suggested.

Ray grimaced at the idea, "can't we just spend some time just you and me?" he whined. "But we spent last weekend just us two, come on be sociable Ray" I moaned back at him.

He grumbled something which i didnt quite catch before nodding and saying "fine, but I am telling you now, I am not getting involved in any of Zoey's current problems."

I looked at him confused, "Problems? what problems?" I asked.

"Well, Zoey is currently in a mini love triangle as Verity's brother wants to take her to homecoming but Zoey's ex from beverly hills has just showed up wanting her back." He took a large breath then carried on, "... Throw in Zoeys old best mate from Beverly Hills turning up out of the blue, and her being preggers ... that pretty much sums up why Zoey was looking so drained today."

"Right..." I said almost wishing I hadnt suggested going to Zoeys, "Still wanna go?" Ray asked. "Course I do, I know that Zoey's boyfriend turning up out of the blue has put the dog amongst the pigeons but I am sure that it can be sorted out ... Zoey needs her friends" I said crossing my arms. Ray looks at me a smile forming on his lips, his shoulders shaking slightly with silent laughter. "What?" I asked, slightly cross that he was laughing at me. "It's cat not dog!" he chuckled.

"Well hell, you know what I mean!"

The End

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