Verity - HomecomingMature

After all the antics at Zoey’s house with her new boyfriend coming and everything, I was pleased to be sat in math with a calculator and a sore head, as much as I hated calculus it was better than being stuck in the Zoey-Ben-Max love triangle with a Candice on the top. My heart began to race as I thought of the homecoming game that night, it was going to be awesome!

“Verity?” the teacher asked, “What would the answer be?” I groaned internally,

“Five?” I hazard a guess,

“No, pi! Listen!” he almost shouted, I cowered in my chair and pulled a face…perhaps math wasn’t better.



“Bee – you – ell –ell, dee- og – gee – ess, what does that spell BULLDOGS!” I threw myself into my base’s arms and was flung ten meters into the air; I twisted round and landed in the same position. The routine was going really well despite the wind and occasional splatters of rain, Kyle flipped in front of me giving me the cue to hold up my board which read the letter ‘B’, everyone else followed to spell bulldogs. A cheer went up and we moved off the field, the cheerleading team from Kickapoo came up and began doing their routine but I didn’t watched because Will was close by, he came up to me and put his arm round my shoulder.

“Good going, you looked great out there,” his big shoulder pads made him look even bigger – if that was possible.

“Good luck!” I called out over the roar of the crowd,

“I may need a good luck kiss,” he whispered into my ear, I smiled and held up my finger,

“You gotta score first,” I winked, “go win that game!” I called as I was pulled back onto the field by the cheerleaders, we formed two lines and the football team walked through whilst the rest of the school screamed their lungs out. 

The End

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