Zoey: TalkingMature

The wind howled furiously outside.

It had become increasingly crowded in my room during the course of the night. Maddy had become frightened by the storm and demanded to sleep with us all. I tried to kick her out but she refused to go. So there was Candice, me and Maddy in my bed and Verity on a spare mattress beside us and Max at the bottom, on two larger chairs pushed together.

None of us could sleep, despite the extra bundle of blankets and pillows I was forced to suddenly throw together last minute. I also couldn't get Candice's shocking news out of my mind. How could she be pregnant?! Well, I knew how obviously... It just stunned me that she'd be so reckless.

'Will you listen to that?' Verity whispered right after another shriek of the formidable wind. The tree right outside my bedroom flung branches furiously against my window, keeping us all awake. 

'I'm scared,' Maddy whimpered beside me.

'So am I,' Candice half laughed.

'Bunch of girls,' we heard Max's teasing voice in the darkness.

'Sorry Mr Macho,' I sniggered. 

'Will you two stop flirting please? It's making me want to throw up,' Verity hissed. That soon silenced us. However, Candice's shaking frame and quiet laughter started me up again. Soon enough, we were all laughing, Maddy included. 

'Why are we laughing? We could die!' Candice gasped, in between fits of giggles. 

'Candice please, I have a seven year old sister!' I scolded as Maddy descended back into whimpers.

'Oh we're not really going to die. I was joking.'

The howling intensified dramatically and I must admit I was a little frightened. I had never been through a hurricane before, and I didn't know what to expect. 

'How's everyone in Beverly Hills anyway? How's... how's Ben?' I gulped suddenly.

'Things are, fine. Except for this whole situation with Char and Taine obviously. Ben really misses you. He's not the same. He's quit football and his grades are slipping. His dad's threatening to move him into another school so he'll focus.'

'Really?' I gasped. 'That's awful.'

'Yeah,' she murmured.

'Who's Ben?' Max suddenly asked. I smiled into the darkness.

'He's my ex boyfriend.' 


'Yeah. He urm, he kind of cheated on me.'

'He never cheated on you,' Candice scoffed. 'He only kissed another girl. That's hardly cheating. Char and Taine sleeping together is cheating.'

'I don't know,' I frowned. 'We're meant to be together and he goes and kisses another girl. That's kind of cheating.'

'I hate guys who do that,' Verity murmured. 

'I could never do that,' Max muttered.

'Yeah well...Ben did,' I sighed. 

I didn't really like talking about Ben. It stirred memories, happy memories, from deep within me. I realized I missed him an incredible amount. Despite what he did, I really did - still do, love him...

The End

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