Codi: Chillin Like A VillanMature

I sat on my black couch, looking out the window at the storm while Sara looked for a cd to play, and  Paige painted her nails a silver that would match her dress perfectly. "So what do you think about Zoey?" Sara asked casually, still sorting through my giant collection of cds. I turned so that I was facing the girls. My room was huge, and my dog, Pickle, a black lab, had his own little corner.

I took a while to answer, thinking of what to say. I did that often, thinking too hard on what I was going to say, it was Jesse's biggest pet peeve about me. Pickle jumped on the couch with me and set his head in my lap. "She's nice. She seems a little distant though, especially today during the storm. She didn't seem scared just like her mind was somewhere else." I told the girls, and Paige looked up and nodded.

"She seems really cool though. Although, her Eloise, and Verity are all friends." Paige voiced. I rolled my eyes and acted as if it didn't really bother me. Sara finally chose Nicki Minaj's most recent album: Pink Friday. The song Moment For Life came on as I bobbed to the music, rapping along with her.

I didn't like Verity. Everybody and their mother knows that. There isn't really a reason  I don't like her, I just don't. Something about her just irritates me. "She'll ditch them soon enough." I said, signalling the end of that topic.


The End

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