Candice: GobsmackedMature

Zoey looked at me as if i have just spoken a different language, "Pregnant?" she questioned, "when did this happen?" she asked. "I found out the day you left" I said simply.

Zoeys just gaped at me, "I dont even know if I want this baby anymore" I muttered, the memory of catching Char and Taine in bed together causing a lump in my throat which I couldnt ignore. I let the tears trickle down my cheeks and allowed myself to be comforted by Zoey.

Looking out of Zoey's window, through the rain I met a pair of big green eyes staring at us, I quickly shifted my eyes away and dried my eyes. "Whatever you decide to do, i'll be here for you Candice" Zoey eventually said breaking the silence; she pulled me into another one armed hug. "And remember, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like hunni."

Zoey turned briefly towards the window and I could tell from her warm smile and nods that she had just invited the girl who had been staring into Zoey's bedroom over.


“Doesn’t she remind you of Phoenix?” I asked Zoey suddenly after what seemed an age of nothing but the sound of sweet rappers being rustled and the constant chewing of chocolate , out of politeness more than anything I had eaten half a chocolate bar, the rest resided in the circle where we were all sitting.

Zoey turned and scrutinized Verity's face for a while before saying, “She’s got the same hair, but apart from that no,” “She dresses like her too,” I added.

“Phoenix wasn’t a dancer,” Zoey said, reaching out at taking another chocolate bar, I resisted the urge to scrunch up my nose at this, she'd eaten 3 already ... think of all the calories!

“Hey you should come to the homecoming game tomorrow!” Verity piped up, looking directly at me. “You have homecoming really late!” I said, surprised that they hadn't had homecoming yet, because in Beverly Hills we had already had our Homecoming.

“I know, but it gives us more time to practice,” I smiled, “us being the cheerleaders,”

“Oh! You’re a cheerleader!” I exclaimed, “That explains all the glittery-crap on your face…and the outfit.”  now it made sense.

“She’s the captain,” Zoey smiled, “Only by default because the real captain is injured,” Verity's brother added, earning himself a sarcastic smile.

“Aren’t you funny?!” Verity said sarcastically, “And…” Zoey continued, “she’s going to homecoming with the football captain! How cliché is that?!”

I giggled, “Is he a redhead too?” I asked grinning.

“No,” came her reply.

“He’s actually quite hot…if you don’t mind me saying,” Zoey winked at Verity, “and it’s all thanks to me that you’re going together!” she beamed.

“Yeah, thanks again,” she smiled warmly, “did you find someone yet?” she asked, “No, I don’t think I’ll go if I’m dateless,” she said signing. Verity's brother took that oppertunity to flirt with Zoey by saying; “You know I’ll take you if you don’t get a date, you can’t miss homecoming.” “Really Max?” Zoey smiled, “That’s so sweet.”

“What about me?” I asked, quite cheekily I thought but the words had left my mouth before I could stop them, besides I had been invited and I couldnt go dateless.

“Honey, the boys will all want to go with you,” she winked, “I actually think the only boys who are left are redheads, and as you’re so prejudice, I guess you’ll have to go alone.” I glared at her, how rude, I decided if she was going to be rude to me then I was going to be rude back.

“Maybe I’ll just steal someone else’s date…the football captain for instance, they can’t resist a bit of us California girls,” I giggled and tossed back my long black hair.

“Touché,” Verity muttered before hiding an annoyed frown.

All the talk of Homecoming was by now making me feel rather uncomfortable and self concious and as a result I kept tugging at my baggy jumper trying to mask the bump from Zoey's new friends - thankfully Zoey's friends were none the wiser to the fact that I was up the duff at the age of only 17, only Zoey knew that and I could tell that she was still gobsmacked by this whole new revelation.

The End

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